April 13, 2015 09:00 AM

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It’s only been been four months since Blake Lively gave birth to her daughter James (with husband Ryan Reynolds), but Lively’s already turning her kid into a foodie —  just like her mama.

“I rub truffles on my nipples every day,” Lively, 27, joked to reporters while promoting her new magical film The Age of Adaline in Los Angeles on Sunday.

“You got to give her a very well balanced palate from a young age so she doesn’t eat only beige food!”

Lively loves to post pictures of food she cooks on her Instagram and hang out with people like Martha Stewart.

And now, she plans on passing that passion on to her daughter. “You can’t be around me and not be exposed to all different cuisines,” Lively added.

So, does this mean she’ll be whipping up some homemade baby food? “It sounds awesome now,” Lively said. “But in a few months of making it, I’ll probably be like, ‘Dear God, where’s Whole Foods? Or CVS? Or anything?’ “

In the meantime, Lively is just enjoying her time being a new mom, something that she calls both “awesome and exhausting.”

“It’s everything that everyone always says,” the actress said. “I want to say something different than anyone else, but there’s a reason everyone says the same things. It’s going good.”

Somewhere, the price of truffles just went up.

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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