The actress compiled all of her 'go-to' baby items in one place

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Blake Lively is making shopping for baby simple and easy — and helping other parents in the process — with her new Amazon baby registry.

The actress and mom created a one-stop shop for all of the products she recommends to pals, based on her own experiences and some tried-and-true testing.

“Before I had my own kids, I asked all the parents I trusted most for a list of their ‘go-to’ items. My registry is made of all those products plus ones that I’ve discovered myself over the years,” Lively tells PEOPLE. “The neat part is I actually keep this registry active for years, because it’s an easy way for me to reorder all our basics, and it’s also a great way to share my ‘must-have’ list with my friends, as they did with me when I needed it. The baby registry is a community tool for me more than anything else.”

Blake Lively baby registry amazon
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Like Lauren Conrad’s baby registry, which was also created on Amazon, the list includes picks for both parents and babies, as well as nursery, feeding and diapering staples. And it’s all Prime-eligible, which Lively appreciates as an Amazon shopper.

“Oh man, one click shopping is dangerously easy,” she says. “I tend to use Amazon for everything I can. It’s just so easy.”

Her top finds include everything from the top-rated $38 Playtex Diaper Genie to Baby Jogger’s $450 double City Mini stroller. Diapers from Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company also made the list.

Pregnant Blake Lively

Though super-serious about her recommendations, Lively is happy to joke about her maternity style (It’s “comfortable, comfortable, comfortable in real life and unrealistically awesome when I have to do press [as at the Detective Pikachu premiere, above]. But that’s only a couple days a year, if that. I really raise the bar for myself, then it’s back to pajamas, onesies and disappointment”) as well as her postpartum style (which she describes as “Lord Varys.” Yes, from Game of Thrones.)

And though she loves many things about parenthood – “Just sitting and telling stories together, drawing, building forts, dancing, picking up trash to protect their imaginary dolphin. All sounds cheesy, but it’s those simple moments I appreciate most,” she says – getting sleep isn’t one of them: “I plan to get lots of sleep when I’m dead,” she jokes. (For parents who also aren’t blessed with great sleepers, she has another recommendation: “Sound machines with white noise on low while watching Classical Baby... which had to have been made by actual saints.”)

Before you check out her picks, what qualifies a product for a spot on Lively’s “must-have” list? “I always hope to find items that are good for my babies and are also kind to the environment,” she says, noting that items like reusable water bottles and cutlery make “life so much easier because I’m much more prepared with snacks for my kids and myself.” In fact, her reusable water bottle makes her list of things that get rescued from her house in a fire, as well as “snack packs, a baby carrier and my daughter’s handmade bunny from Bird on Elephant.”

As to whether any items were specially requested by the kids in her life? “My oldest child LOVES Aviation Gin, but he’s 42,” she jokes.

Blake Lively’s Baby Registry Shopping List

Shop all of Blake Lively’s baby registry on Amazon or shop some of her favorite finds right here.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, $449.98;

Ergobaby Omni Carrier
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Ergobaby Omni Carrier, $179;

Philips Starry Night Monitor and Projector
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Philips Starry Night Monitor and Projector, $149.99;

Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Beaba Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender, $149.95;

Boon Bundle Feeding Set
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Boon Bundle Feeding Set, $23.74 (orig. $29.99);

Inglesina Fast Table Chair
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Inglesina Fast Table Chair, $69;

Welly Water Bottle
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Welly Water Bottle, $33–$35;

Reusable Food Storage Bags
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Reusable Food Storage Bags, $9.34 (orig. $11.99);

Honest Co Diapers
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Honest Co Diapers, $40.32 (orig. $42.99);

Playtex Diaper Genie
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Playtex Diaper Genie, $37.44 (orig. $49.99);