October 10, 2018 11:35 AM

Sometimes, the gift of sleep is the best birthday present, even if you’re only 3 years old.

Such is the attitude of a little North Carolina-based little boy named Walter, who had a different idea of how to start his birthday off right than the one his mom, dad and big sister Daisy had in mind.

In a 40-second video of the adorable moment, a bleary-eyed Walter sits up in bed as his family enters the room, wearing a sour expression on his face as they begin singing “Happy Birthday” to him.

A growl follows soon after as Walter kicks his feet and points angrily at the intruders, screaming and punching his blanket as his family tries their best to stifle their laughter.

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Meg Harrell's son Walter

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“Stop, stop! Stop, guys!” the youngster pleads.

“Good morning, Walter,” his mom Meg Harrell says. “We brought you breakfast in bed.”

The birthday boy looks intrigued for a split second but soon remembers his previous slumber-filled comfort as his dad asks, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s your birthday!” Daisy says, to which her little brother replies before flopping back down on his pillow, “I just want to sleep!”

Meg Harrell's son Walter

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Harrell spoke with Good Morning America about the memorable birthday moment, admitting her son is “not an early bird” and the family’s surprise was an “epic fail” on their part.

“I think people find this video funny because Walter’s response is so unexpected and over the top,” she shared. “The comedic timing of his sweet sister saying, ‘But it’s your birthday?!’ and his quick answer, ‘I’m trying to sleep,’ is absolutely hilarious to me.”

“I think every mom of toddlers needs to be reminded that other moms are imperfect as well,” Harrell said. “Seeing a birthday surprise fail kind of hits home with other families because things don’t go as planned and it’s okay. Sometimes you just have to laugh off the bumps in the road. Parenting is hard, toddlers are unpredictable, it’s all so ridiculous that it’s funny!”

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