Birth certificate mystery - Suri and Grier has made an interesting comparison of two birth certificates – one of Suri Cruise and the other of Grier Henchy. As we reported in April the children were born on the same day at the same Los Angelese hospital. Now TMZ has gone deeper to figure out the truth behind the story and has got – by some mysterious means – the birth certificates of both babies that apparently have quite a few differences. Anne Heffernan was supposedly the nurse to sign the birth certificates and it appears that her license number is not the same on the certificates. In fact, neither one of them is her license number at all.

Also, Brooke Shields signed the certificate herself two days after birth while Suri’s was signed by a mysterious friend 16 days later. TMZ has also called St. John’s hospital (where both babies were born) for a comment, but no comments from that side. You can view the birth certificates here up close and make up your own mind.

Thanks to CBB reader Annji.


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