October 25, 2013 05:30 PM

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Speculation is swirling that Kendra Wilkinson is pregnant — and Friday night’s episode of her reality show will only add fuel to the fire.

In Kendra on Top, the former Playboy model reveals her plan to ditch her birth control – without telling her husband, Hank Baskett.

In a clip from the show, Wilkinson, 28, admits that she’s annoyed with her husband and tells her therapist, “I want to remove my IUD without [telling] Hank.”

When her therapist advises her to make sure that she and her husband of four years are on the same page, the mom of Hank Jr., 3, explains, “We’ve talked about it. He’s more about it than he isn’t …”

Later on in the show when she drops the bombshell on her husband that she did it, he’s stunned.

“I can have little sperm swim up now … Let’s go!” she says, which prompts him to respond, “I’m feeling pressure right now.”

Kendra then confesses, “I know I want baby number two right now. I know I’m ready, but I’m waiting on someone over here to make the move, and not pull out.”

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