Binky Bling: Steal Liam and Shiloh's keepsake pacifier style

While browsing at the Silver Spoon Buffet last spring, new mom Tori Spelling chose a blue Swarovski crystal-encrusted, blinged-out model for Liam Aaron McDermott. No mere crystals for Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, though. Shortly after she was born she received a $17,000 keepsake pacifier set with real diamonds.

This past July the CPSC issued a recall on several brands of handmade bejeweled binkies because of the potential for choking or aspiration if a stone becomes dislodged. However, this has not stopped several companies from selling the accessories, or parents from buying. Now we shop with the caveat that many of these special binkies are meant to be a "keepsake," and not actually used by a child. Which is probably a good thing anyway, because at $17,000 a pop I’d hate for my kid to use it and lose it!

Looking to bling out your baby with a special keepsake pacifier? We’ve got the goodies. And,lucky for your baby, a few of these have the added bonus of being functional/baby-safe as well.

Nothing’s Too Good


If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a diamond-encrusted binky ($17,000) might be a baby girl’s BFF. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt got one of these completely over-the-top custom pacifiers from Personalized Pacifiers. Modeled after a real binky, the 14k creation has a hinged handle and silicon nipple but the company advises consumers that it is a replica and not meant for actual use. The knob of the pacifier is set with 278 pave diamonds, totaling over 3 carats. Of course if you are willing to spend this amount, this pacifier can be personalized for you with your choice of colored stones, and an initial or a design.

Spare No Expense


Tori Spelling, Jason Priestly, Shanna Moakler and many more celebrities are fans of the Swarovski crystal-encrusted beauties from Aristabrat ($120-$175). Promising "instant bratification" these pacifiers are recommended "for the haves and have mores". No need to stop at the binky either. Purchase a matching set of sparkling accessories, which includes a rattle, pacifier and nail clippers ($299)

Not Pinching Pennies


Elodie Details, a swank Swedish company, sells pacifiers for the more down to earth price of $45. And yes it is fair to say that these ones are for suckers – because they are functional as well as beautiful. Available in gold or silver plate, these are shiny enough to dazzle without putting an eye out with their bling. Still, at this price you might want to pick up a clip on pacifier leash in order to avoid unfortunate mishaps that might lead to joint mommy/baby meltdowns.

Looking for a Better Value


OCmamma sells their cute Swarovski crystal-encrusted pacifiers for only $28, and they also sell matching blinged-out pacifier leashes for $20. The site states that all of their pacifiers are double glued for safety and have been lab tested. Use at your own discretion!

Can’t Stand to Spend Over $5


Even if you don’t want to invest big bucks (or if you already have the keepsake but want a blinged out paci that is also functional) there’s an option for you. Munchkin makes adorable crystal encrusted pacifiers in a variety of designs. These pacifiers have never been affected by any recalls and are vigorously tested for safety. The bling is actually underneath the clear plastic knob, so there’s no chance of a stone working its way loose. Best of all, these pacifiers are on sale at Amazon for only $4.99 for a pack of two.

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