Bindi Irwin speaks at dad Steve's memorial service

Bindi Irwin, only 8 years old, spoke in front of millions of people today at a memorial service to honor her father, Steve Irwin.

CBB reader Elizabeth gives us a recap, saying, "His daughter Bindi just came on stage and read a message, praising her Dad and his work and pledging to continue his work.

Mum Teri was in the audience holding little Bob and holding back tears, but Bindi was incredibly brave, and spoke in a big strong voice, with no tears."

You can read the speech here, or watch Bindi deliver it on video here. There also a Bindi slideshow, with photos of her since infancy, here.

The family held a private funeral for Steve on September 9th. Today’s memorial service was held at the Australia Zoo, with one seat left empty for Steve, a hat he always wore holding his place.

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Thanks to CBB readers Elizabeth and Corinne.

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