Two months ago Steve Irwin promised his young daughter, Bindi, 8, that he would take her to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Sydney, Australia. Sadly, when Steve passed away last month noone expected Bindi to show. But she did. Along with her mother, Terri, Bindi walked the red carpet and presented the night’s top award.

Steve’s best mate and manager, John, said that Steve would have never considered going to the awards if it was not for "Bindi’s sake." John also added that "Bindi was so excited to be going to Sydney to the awards with her Daddy" but when Steve tragically died last month John asked Terri to consider taking Bindi, and together they did it in Steve’s honour.

Beginning this weekend you are able to purchase wristbands in honour of Steve Irwin, with proceeds going to Wildlife Warriors. Alternatively, you can make a donation at the site.

Source: Adelaide Now

Photo from PEOPLE – Terri and Bindi at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on 11th October 2006

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