Bindi Irwin appears on GMA to talk of loss of father and plans for the future

Little Bindi Irwin, who lost her father, the Australia Crocodile Hunter just over 3 months ago, bravely appeared on GMA on Friday. Bindi, 8, and her mother, Terri, spoke of the loss of Steve and Bindi’s hopes to carry on his legacy.

On how they are coping:

"We’re doing pretty good. We’re battling. It’s one day at a time, but we’re still a family. Sometimes you wonder how you’re going to get through and in others you find a reason to be inspired again."

Bindi’s thoughts on her father:

"I can tell you that he was just great. He was always there with me by my side through thick and thin."

On Bindi’s connection with wildlife, like her late father:

"Just like Steve did, Bindi’s got that strange connection with wildlife. It’s beautiful to watch. It instills a real empathy within all of us. That’s a big part of our message today."

Terri, Bindi, Bob, 3, and Steve’s father, Robert, continue to run the Australia Zoo in Queensland, Australia, in Steve’s honour.

Source: ETonline

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