Decked out in camouflage-style clothing, Bindi Sue, 9 ½, was right alongside her mother, Terri, 43, and her little brother, Robert ‘Bob’ Clarence, 4 ½, as they planted a river red gum tree outside Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens — located in South Australia — in honor of the children’s father, the late Steve Irwin.

The family is on a four-day planned visit to South Australia while Terri was scheduled to speak at the Environment and Heritage Department’s forum last night, June 4th. Keeping busy, the Irwin family also participated in the three million trees program. The goal of the program — and what became one of the many dreams of Steve — is to stop climate change and promote biodiversity. Bindi’s tree became the 1,500,000 tree planted by the program since the initiative began in 2003.

Bindi — whom her mom calls an "expert tree planter" — was visibly excited to lend a hand and even offered up a suggestion as to what the tree should be called: Steve the Tree. Planting such a young tree, Bindi noted,

You can see a photo of Terri and Bindi helping out Premier Mike Rann to plant the tree here.

Source: Adelaide Now