Bindi Irwin's Baby Grace Warrior Meeting Animals: Photos

"I know our darling girl is going to grow up caring for Mother Earth and all her animals," Bindi Irwin, who shares daughter Grace with husband Chandler Powell, previously said

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Bindi Irwin, Grace
Bindi Irwin/Grace

What cute chicks! "Meet Grace's new best friend, Fergo, the cassowary chick. " Bindi captioned a snap of Grace meeting the baby bird. "They absolutely love each other!"

"We are so proud of our breeding program to protect this endangered species," the Crikey! It's the Irwins star added of the Australia Zoo's important conservation work.

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Chandler Powell
Chandler Powell/Instagram

It was a kangaroo crew when Grace cuddled up with her dad Chandler, alongside two marsupials lounging in the sunshine.

"Red roo mornings with my buddy🦘," he captioned a smiling shot with his daughter and the animals at the Australia Zoo.

As seen in the photos her parents share to social media, Little Grace has become quite the fan of the kangaroo exhibit.

"I think Grace has decided that she's part of the kangaroo mob," Bindi joked in November, posting a photo of her daughter reaching out to a 'roo from her stroller.

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bindi irwin and daughter
bindi irwin/ instagram

As Bindi reached for the reptile, Grace didn't seem intimidated by its sheer size.

"Absolutely love spending time with Igloo. Grace is fascinated by this gentle giant," the proud mom wrote on Instagram.

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Sea Turtles

Grace Warrior Powell
Chandler Powell, Grace Warrior, Bindi Irwin. Chandler Powell/Instagram

Gimme some fin! Grace Warrior got up close and personal with a sea turtle while on a boat with her mom and dad.

The family was celebrating matriarch Terri Irwin's birthday by releasing five sea turtles back into the wild, according to Bindi's Instagram.

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Kangaroos – Times Two!

Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin and daughter Grace Warrior. Chandler Powell Instagram

Dad Chandler Powell shared a sweet photograph in July as Bindi introduced their newborn daughter to some baby kangaroos.

"Introducing our @australiazoo kangaroo joey to our human joey," Powell captioned one snap of the Crikey! It's the Irwins star holding their daughter, 3 months, while surrounded by several of the zoo animals.

"Grace absolutely loved meeting the littlest roos with her mama," Powell added of the successful introduction.

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Bindi Irwin, Grace Warrior, Chandler Powell
Chandler Powell/Instagram

At just a few months old, Grace had her first koala encounter at Australia Zoo.

"She was fascinated and so was Milo our darling koala," Bindi wrote on Instagram. "Too cute. 🐨"

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Star Tortoises

Bindi Irwin Instagram
Bindi Irwin's daughter Grace. Bindi Irwin Instagram; Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

For her 1-month photo shoot, Grace found herself surrounded by equally tiny star tortoises while wearing an Australia Zoo button-down.

"We're so proud of our Wildlife Warrior princess," Bindi shared on Instagram. "I know our darling girl is going to grow up caring for Mother Earth and all her animals."

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terri irwin with baby
Terri Irwin and baby Grace. terri irwin/ twitter

Grandma Terri Irwin introduced her then-3-week-old granddaughter to two chickens at the Irwin family's Australia Zoo in an adorable snapshot shared on Twitter.

"Introducing Grace to some of the animals living in her backyard @AustraliaZoo," Terri captioned the photo, which featured her cradling baby Grace while kneeling beside the chickens.

Bindi retweeted her mom's sweet post on her own Twitter account and wrote, "The most wonderful moment" with a yellow heart emoji.

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Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin/instagram

Bindi's pup Piggy often sits dutifully next to baby sis Grace in photos.

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bindi Irwin april fools
terri Irwin/twitter

Just kidding! For Grace's first April Fool's Day, the Irwin-Powell family got creative with a "Croc" encounter posted to Uncle Robert's Instagram.

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