Billy Corgan, partner Chloe Mendel and son Augustus posed for PAWS Chicago, where the couple opened up about being parents and pet owners

By Jen Juneau
August 14, 2018 07:35 PM

Billy Corgan‘s son might be following in his musical footsteps.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman, 51, and his partner Chloe Mendel posed for an adorable photo spread with their pets and 2½-year-old son Augustus Juppiter for PAWS Chicago‘s summer-fall 2018 magazine issue, where the couple discussed how their little boy is already taking to his dad’s profession.

“He watches my music videos every day now, so I’m excited to see how he adapts to tour buses and arenas full of people,” Corgan — who’s currently on the road with his band — told the organization’s magazine of Augustus. “My guess is he’ll very much want to come on stage to say hello or sing.”

Courtesy of PAWS Chicago

Mendel, 25, says the trio are “very family oriented” and shares how special it is that her son can adapt to both her career in fashion and Corgan’s career in music.

“I love that Augustus can be a part of my work life and his father’s,” she explains. “Not many babies go to fabric stores in the day, then music studios at night.”

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Augustus Corgan
Courtesy of PAWS Chicago
Billy and Augustus Corgan
Courtesy of PAWS Chicago

Corgan admits “life hasn’t changed much since Augustus was born” aside from one big adjustment that’s more internal than external.

“Except perhaps a restructuring of my priorities, which I don’t mind at all,” he says.

Agrees Mendel, “A lot has stayed the same, except I wake up at 6 a.m. daily, which is not any easier than it was before I had a child. But it’s totally worth it!”

Chloe Mendel and son Augustus
Courtesy of PAWS Chicago

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Although Augustus is the first child for both, Corgan and Mendel are the owners of two dogs and three cats — and they didn’t push their son to interact with the family’s fur babies in any specific way.

“We let Augustus figure out his own relationship with the pets while very closely monitoring any behavior that was over the line regarding their space or well-being,” Corgan says. “He learned with them what was appropriate. But the pets seemed to know he was a baby and were very patient.”

He explains that he had hesitations about how the two dogs, Chin and Ling Ling, would react, “but now they are quite sweet about it all and love that Augustus is messy and willing to give them treats.”

Corgan adds, “I’m proud of how patient they’ve been as he has grown and learned how to be gentle with Chin and Ling. The cats have also been remarkable with allowing Augustus to figure out what is appropriate behavior.”

Billy Corgan and family for PAWS Chicago magazine
Courtesy of PAWS Chicago

Mendel tells PAWS Chicago that he son thinks the cats — Angelface, Diamond Baby and Mr. Thom — are “the silliest things in the world” and loves chasing them around.

“And the cats are so gentle with him,” she says, explaining that Diamond Baby and Angelface may have even bonded with Augustus before he was born — by lounging on Mendel’s pregnant belly!

“I always felt they had a strong connection with Augustus before he entered the world,” she says.