Bill Hader Recalls How 9-Year-Old Daughter Harper Hilariously Pranked Him in Front of Chris Pratt

Hader came clean to Jimmy Kimmel about the "solid burn" his daughter pulled on him when they ran into Chris Pratt at a restaurant in Los Angeles during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Bill Hader's daughter has no qualms about embarrassing her dad in front of other celebrities.

The Barry star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night to discuss the hit HBO drama's upcoming season and recounted a hilarious prank his younger daughter played on him, with one Chris Pratt as an audience.

Hader shares three daughters with his ex-wife Maggie Carey: Hannah, 12, Harper, 9, and Hayley, 7. Hader described how they get in their day-to-day jabs at their dad, especially while driving around Los Angeles with the Saturday Night Live alum.

"I always know when a bus will pull up with my face on the side of it because in the back they all go 'Ew, gross! That guy sucks!'" he joked. "I'm like, alright, you guys are the boss."

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But Hader's middle daughter, Harper, had something extra-special in mind during a restaurant outing with her dad where they saw Pratt.

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Hader said while out to dinner with his three girls, Pratt, 42, walked in and Hader pointed out the Guardians of the Galaxy star to them. After they excitedly chattered, Hader said Harper begged him to let her go over and say hi to Pratt, insisting that she knew his son.

"I was like, 'No, he's eating, just leave him alone please,' " Hader said. "I eat, finish, pay, and she goes, 'Dad, can I please go over and say hi, please?' So I feel terrible."

Feeling guilty as ever, Hader said he walked over to the Jurassic World actor, introduced himself, and explained how his daughter knows Pratt's son. It was then, however, that the evil genius of Harper's prank became clear in classic little kid fashion.

"My daughter goes, 'I don't know his son? You wanted to meet Chris Pratt!' " Hader recalled. He then hilariously imitated the confused look he said Pratt gave him, assessing whether or not a male comedian had used his daughter as an excuse to meet the star.

The audience, and Kimmel himself, couldn't hold back their laughter as Hader hilariously recounted the story, demonstrating the roller coaster ride of being a girl dad.

"I wanted to strangle [Harper]," Hader joked of the "solid burn" moment, "but I was also never more proud of a kid in my life."

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Though Hader clearly has three girls already at the center of his world, he's also been happily exploring another feminine presence in his life. In January, PEOPLE learned from a source that Hader and actress Anna Kendrick had been "quietly" dating for over a year.

After briefly dating actress Rachel Bilson following his 2018 divorce from Carey, Hader and Kendrick got together after filming the 2019 Christmas movie Noelle together, the source shared. They also called Hader and Kendrick a "great couple."

"You can see the chemistry when they're together. They have a really fun rapport, very sarcastic and funny but all coming from a place of love," the source shared. "They're affectionate but it's the way they look at one another when the other is talking, you can see they really love each other."

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