By peoplestaff225
Updated December 11, 2008 01:00 PM

It’s comedian by day, "superhero — with jokes and a teaspoon of goofy" by night for actor Bill Bellamy, who, along with wife Kristen, has daughter Bailey Ivory-Rose, 5, and son Baron, 2. Raised by parents with "very traditional…old school values," Bill tells BabyCouture Magazine‘s holiday edition that he has adopted their "strong discipline," but has "mixed" their strict ways with love when it comes to his own brood. Despite his balancing act of raising his kids with a firm hand, but a soft heart, Kristen admits that he is not always around to put his ideas to work! "That’s funny because Bill would tell you that I indulge and he disciplines — but I have to do both when I’m alone with the kids," she explains. However, the couple agree that come the end of the day, they wish to raise their family to simply be good people.

Although the couple have yet to see Bill’s cousin Shaquille O’Neal for a play date since the basketball star "got traded," the foursome have found many activities to keep them busy. Often enjoying a family night of karaoke, Kristen shares that Bill is an avid basketball player in his spare time, while she has "recently started doing Cardio Barre two times a week." As for little Bailey, she has found her niche in the fashion world, already having formed strong opinions when it comes to her own wardrobe!