Big Brother's Camilla Severi talks about her unplanned pregnancy

FormerAustralian Big Brother contestant Camilla Severi has spoken to OK! magazine about her unplanned pregnancy with her 9-week-old son Charlie Max,

Glen and I had really only been seeing each other for five months — I’d only just settled into Brisbane. We loved each other to bits but it was a big surprise. I actually felt ill and that’s how we found out about the baby. We both thought about it and it seemed really right, and it seemed like a blessing.

Camilla, back at work at Brisbane radio station B105, clearly loves being a mum,

It’s been an adventure. It’s been very busy, a change of pace, and a real learning experience. You go into pregnancy with all the knowledge you’ve learnt from books and what people have told you and it’s nothing like what people have told you or what you’ve read. It’s a whirlwind!

Charlie’s father is Camilla’s partner Glen Krohn.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, S insert, 3rd February 2008, page S2.

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