Update: The winners are:

  • Lisa who said, "Both of my kids are very messy eaters.Currently, I am finding sweet potatoes to be a problem. All of ourclothes are orange!!"
  • Nancy who said, "The messiest food for us is without a doubtspaghetti and meatballs! That tomato sauce can stain absolutelyanything for a long time! My son, 16 months, even gets it in his ears!"

My daughter has some truly stunning clothes, clothes that lose theirbeauty once they’ve met with a dab of yogurt. The day my daughterlearned to wield a spoon on her own, was the day I stopped dressing herup. Believe me I tried to protect her nice clothes as much as possible,napkins, bibs, just about anything short of a straight jacket. But itwas inevitable, whatever she ate ended up on her clothes. Then I wasintroduced to Bib-A-Roo and I changed my thinking.

Bib-A-Roo recently hit the Boom Boom Room Gifting event and found fans in Tori Spelling, Samantha Harris, Joely Fisher, Chris Noth, Leah Remini and MANY more. Click here to read the entire review and to see pics of the celebs who were impressed with the Bib-A-Roo. Also enter for a chance to win one of two prize packs from the makers of Bib-A-Roo.