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Updated February 13, 2008 10:22 PM

My daughter has some truly stunning clothes, clothes that lose their beauty once they’ve met with a dab of yogurt. The day my daughter learned to wield a spoon on her own, was the day I stopped dressing her up. Believe me I tried to protect her nice clothes as much as possible, napkins, bibs, just about anything short of a straight jacket. But it was inevitable, whatever she ate ended up on her clothes. Then I was introduced to Bib-A-Roo and I changed my thinking.

Leave it to a Grandmother to come up with the idea, lord knows most of my daughter’s fabulous wardrobe comes from her Ganny. This ingenious bib straps around the neck, like a standard bib, but it doesn’t stop at chest level, it continues straight down to the legs. The straps on the back of the legs gives your child’s clothes a little extra protection. The Bib-A-Roo is made of 100% cotton and is completely reversible, the company has prints and patterns that range from classic, like planes and fairies, to edgy, like camouflage and skulls. Each bib costs $25 and comes in two sizes, infant and toddler.

My toddler didn’t mind it and I was really happy to report that her clothes remained stain free! I was impressed with how well the Bib-A-Roo fit her and how easy it was to put on. And above all the quality of the materials it was made from were GREAT, I didn’t find any loose seams or blemishes. All in all a well made and well thought out product.

Bib-A-Roo recently hit the Boom Boom Room Gifting event and found fans in Tori Spelling, Samantha Harris, Joely Fisher, Chris Noth, Leah Remini and MANY more. You can order your Bib-A-Roo on their site.

Click continue reading below to see pics of the celebs who are fans and to enter for a chance to win a Bib-A-Roo and other fabulous products from L’il Darlins.

Update: The winners are:

  • Lisa who said, "Both of my kids are very messy eaters. Currently, I am finding sweet potatoes to be a problem. All of our clothes are orange!!"
  • Nancy who said, "The messiest food for us is without a doubt spaghetti and meatballs! That tomato sauce can stain absolutely anything for a long time! My son, 16 months, even gets it in his ears!"

Enter to win one of two Prize Packs (valued at $100) from L’il Darlins, the makers of the Bib-A-Roo. Each prize pack will contain One Bib-A-Roo, a toddler Hoodie bath towel, a KidzApronAll and a Burpee Cloth with an embroidered design.

Email the following info to

  • Your full name, email address, and mailing address.
  • Specify whether you want a girl or boy themed prize pack.
  • Tell us what food you’ve found makes the biggest mess on your little one.
  • Make sure you put "Bib-A-Roo" in the subject line in order for your entry to be counted.

Contest closes February 14, 2008 at 12 PM EST. (For terms & conditions, click here.)

Ali Landry checks out Bib-A-Roo

Angela Bassett checks out Bib-A-Roo

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Chris Noth checks out Bib-A-Roo

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Joely Fisher checks out Bib-A-Roo

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Samantha Harris checks out Bib-A-Roo

Tori Spelling checks out Bib-A-Roo