From Limón and Quad to Halo and Houston, we've put together a list of baby names Beyonce and Jay Z should definitely have put on their short list

By Grace Gavilanes
July 14, 2017 09:40 AM

Unless you’ve been hiding from the world for the past few weeks (we don’t blame you), you’re well aware of Beyoncé and Jay Z‘s news.

No, they’re not working on an album together — we will never lose hope though — but the couple did welcome twins!

And now Blue Ivy‘s parents have finally confirmed the names of their new additions — son Sir and daughter Rumi — while sharing the twins’ first photo.

But while we were waiting for the Grammy winners’ big reveal, we spent the time dreaming about unique baby names for them to consider

1. Destiny: Because if Beyoncé has two girls, she would be credited with creating a new generation of Destiny’s Child.

2. Limón: There’s no way Bey wouldn’t pay homage to her smash-hit visual album, Lemonade … and, frankly, Limón just sounds fancy.

3. Green Grass: Not so different from “Blue Ivy,” Green Grass will own his/her moniker by pursuing a career in botany.

4. Diva: Is the female version of a …

5. Hustler, of a, of a hustler.

6. Miss Tina: Never just Tina. They know better than that.

7. Kelly: Speaking of reviving Destiny’s Child, there’s no better way for Bey to kick off her offsprings’ potential career move than by paying homage to former bandmate, Kelly Rowland.

8. Michelle: The perfect name to honor Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams and Michelle Obama a.k.a. Beyoncé’s Beyoncé.

9. Serena: Fact: Naming your daughter Serena will automatically qualify her for all the Grand Slams.

10. Venus: Because there’s no Serena without the love and support of older sister Venus.

11. Quad: For the uninitiated, the number four holds a special and spiritual meaning for Beyoncé and Jay Z, who were born on the 4th of September and December, respectively. They also named their first child, Blue Ivy, with “4” in mind, opting for the Roman numerals that make up the number (IV).

12. Halo: Because we cry happy tears every time we hear this song, off Beyoncé’s I Am … Sasha Fierce album. And isn’t that what motherhood is all about?

13. Giselle: Which also happens to be Queen Bey’s middle name.

14. Corey: Which also happens to be Jay Z’s middle name.

15. Uno: Just in case the First Family of Hip-Hop have an affinity for the pizzeria chain and/or the childhood card game.

16. Très: Spanish for “three.” Also, Uno + Très = Four.

17. Sasha: It’s Bey’s alter ego literally brought to life.

18. NeNe: If Solange, who watches the Real Housewives of Atlanta “religiously,” has any say, NeNe Leakes would probably top the list.

19. Houston: A.k.a.Beyoncé’s hometown.

20. Brooklyn: Jay Z grew up in Brooklyn. Victoria Beckham’s oldest son is named Brooklyn, and he seems to be doing just fine. What’s not to like?