August 05, 2016 01:15 PM

Beverley Mitchell‘s maternal instinct has definitely rubbed off on her daughter.

With two toddlers on her hands, the former 7th Heaven actress is seeing just how protective 3-year-old Kenzie is of her 18-month-old brother Hutton.

“My daughter is all about taking care of Hut,” Mitchell, 35, said to PEOPLE Thursday in Los Angeles at 4Moms’ launch of the world’s first ever self-installing car seat. “We always put Hutton down first, so she reads to him, and she can read the entire book.

It’s unbelievable — she’s amazing, and she’s so freakin’ smart.”

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Hutton is showing off his own smarts, too: by learning the vocabulary of his family more rapidly than they could’ve imagined.

“He is like this little mimic right now,” Mitchell says. “I mean, he’s saying more words than Kenzie ever said at this age. He literally repeats everything that you say, which is absolutely terrifying.”

Thankfully, he’s not saying anything embarrassing.

“One day, he just randomly said, ‘Thank you!’ [I was] like, ‘Did he just say that? How did that happen?’

“He’s amazing,” the mom of two adds proudly.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty

Mitchell also acknowledges that her younger child has just discovered the power of a temper tantrum — although even that seems to be controlled.

“He’s started this temper-tantrum thing. He’ll just [lie] down on the ground, but he’s very cautious about it,” she explains. “He’ll put his head on the ground. I know a lot of boys who throw their heads on the ground. He gently puts his head on the ground. That’s his way of throwing a tantrum, like, ‘Mommy, I’m mad,’ slowly putting his head on the ground.”

Now that both Mitchell and her former on-screen sister Jessica Biel are both moms to toddlers — the latter’s son Silas with husband Justin Timberlake is 15 months — their sons are enjoying some fun playdates together.

“We do a music class and it’s really fun,” she said. “We see Jess as much as we can. Si and Hut are buddies. I would definitely say that Hutton has a deep love for Si and loves to give Silas big, big hugs, it’s very cute.

“Si’s not always into it, but you know, it’s okay,” she jokes.

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