August 27, 2010 04:00 PM

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Reality star Bethenny Frankel has always been resourceful, and now, thanks to 3-month-old daughter Bryn Casey, she’s finding new uses for baby products, too.

“I am loving using Bryn’s baby wipes. They are at the top of my list of mommy must-haves,” she tells Parade.

“Baby wipes are great for everything! For wiping babies’ butts, as an eye-makeup remover, to wipe the counter, to clean my hands at the airport, just everything.”

She also uses Bryn’s bottle warmer for more … adult purposes. “You can use [it] to warm your baby’s bottle in the car — or keep chilled your Skinny Girl margarita.”

Though Frankel isn’t nursing too much anymore — “I’m 10 percent breastfeeding now, and I feel guilty about that, and like a failure,” she confides — she’s still found many ways to bond with her baby girl. “We sing for an hour every day. I sing to her, and Bryn sings back,” she shares. “We sing Rihanna, Pink, gangsta rap.”

Bath time is also a family affair, too. “I’m a big bath person,” Frankel, 39, says. “I take baths with Bryn — but first I take my own bath so the water is really clean.”

While Frankel is content with her first child, husband Jason Hoppy is intent on expanding the family. “Jason wants to have another baby, and I don’t. So that’s another problem,” she says. “For now, I’m storing Bryn’s baby clothes in those big Ziploc bags.” Anything is possible!

— Kate Hogan

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