The mom to 7-month-old Katherine preps baby food for the week and freezes it in these genius containers

July 30, 2018 05:16 PM
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Mindy Kaling Instagram

Anyone who has ever tried to feed a baby knows it’s a massive undertaking that involves plenty of prep and even more clean-up. And for parents who are committed to making their own food for their kids – whether in the blender, with a one-step device like the Brezza, or even just mashing it in a bowl – there’s always the question of how to best store it – particularly if something your kid once loved is on the “not touching it” list this week.

Mindy Kaling has become somewhat of a baby food-making beacon, hosting weekly Sunday segments on Instagram Stories about the food she makes for 7-month-old Katherine, including, most recently, banana-date peanut butter. “One of the most rewarding parts of my weekend is doing meal prep of my daughter because she’s now eating foods,” Kaling said in her debut segment. “I know that there are so many good prepared organic baby foods out there you can buy, but because I work, I like making them on the weekends … It makes me feel like a part of my daughter’s life.”

Initially, she was putting her creations (which recently included an apple/spinach mix that she concluded looked disgusting but tasted delicious) into glass containers labeled with the date, but at her nanny’s suggestion, she recently switched to these Kushies silicone trays, which are freezable and (unlike some ice cube trays) super easy to pop out individual servings from when the need arises. You can also label them with the ingredients and date directly on the lid with a Dry-Erase marker and wipe it off when it’s time to reuse the tray, eliminating the need for Post-Its or other labeling equipment. And they’re dishwasher safe, which means that even if cleaning your baby after a meal isn’t easy, cleaning up her baby food is.

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