These Are the 6 Best Disposable Face Masks for Kids, According to Parents and Teachers on Amazon

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50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable
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As kids across the nation are headed back to school full-time and coronavirus continues to surge, face masks are at the top of everyone's supplies list. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention still recommends that children over the age of two wear a face mask, and its updated guidelines for K–12 Schools states that all students, teachers, and staff should wear a mask for in-person learning, regardless of vaccination status.

If you're wondering what some of the best face masks for kids are, thousands of parents and teachers are recommending disposable options from Amazon. Many shoppers prefer these disposable varieties to cloth masks because they don't have to be laundered and they're lightweight, making them easier for children to wear for longer periods of time. Teachers and parents also love that kids can keep a couple in their bags just in case they forget to wear one or their mask needs to be swapped out during the day.

Here are the six best disposable face masks for kids on Amazon, according to ratings and reviews:

Tcp Global Store 3-Ply Kids Face Masks

50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable

These are the best-rated disposable face masks for kids on Amazon with a whopping 7,800 five-star ratings. The masks have nose wires, and are made with three layers, including non-woven exterior, a melt-blown middle layer, and a soft and absorbent interior. You can get the 50 pack in a colorful variety, including pink, aqua, blue, green, and yellow, or all-black. Shoppers say the masks are "breathable" and fit their kids' faces "perfectly."

"These are our go-to masks," one customer wrote. "We order these disposable masks and prefer them over cloth. I'd rather my kids have a baggie full on their backpacks for school that they can toss at the end of day versus having to wash them. My kids all like this brand the best and my girls like the color options. Repeat customers for as long as masks are required."

Buy It! Tcp Disposable Kids Masks for Children, 50 Pack, $25.99;

WeCare Kids Disposable Face Masks

50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable

When it comes to the most exciting colors and prints, WeCare's kids face masks have the competition beat. The masks have blown up on Amazon for both adults and children thanks to their stylish designs. comfortable fit, and convenience of being individually wrapped. The three-ply masks are made with a leak-proof exterior and a super soft interior that's gentle on the skin. You can get them in several variety packs with different colors and prints including tie-dye, animal prints, florals, camo designs, and even unicorn patterns.

"If you have kids who would forget their head if it wasn't attached, just go ahead and buy throw away masks," one shopper wrote. "These are great if you have both boys and girls. They have the nose wire and are moderately breathable. The ear straps are soft and won't irritate their ears. The nice part is that they are all individually wrapped. I keep a few in my car because my kids forget to grab one... every. single. Time."

Buy It! WeCare Kids Disposable Face Masks, 50 Pack, $24.98;

Dr. Talbot's Disposable Kids Face Masks

50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable

Dr. Talbot's kids masks are one of the most highly recommended for younger children. The brand recommends them for ages six through 12, but many shoppers say they're just right for kids as little as three years old. (The brand also makes a pack designed for 2 to 5 year olds.) Parents rave that the masks are "very comfortable, durable, and attractive," and that their kids "don't complain" about wearing them compared to other options. One reviewer noted that their 6-year-old said they're "easy to breathe in" while she's in school. Each 10 pack comes with various prints like rainbows, hearts, and flowers for $5.

Buy It! Dr. Talbot's Disposable Kids Face Masks, 10 Pack, $4.99;

Dxlover Disposable Kids Face Masks

Kids Disposable Mask

These popular face masks are best-sellers in three categories on Amazon thanks to their low price point (you can get a box of 50 starting at $7) and "amazing quality." The masks are available in black and blue, as well as a fun cartoon variety pack that includes dinosaur and lion prints. The brand recommends them for ages four and up, and shoppers approve of how sturdy but lightweight they are.

"I ordered these to use in my classroom in case my students' masks got dirty," one teacher wrote. "The kids love them so much that sometimes they say their masks are dirty just to get one of these. The price is awesome! Previously I had bought a pack of 15 for $10 — this is way better with excellent quality. My students call them 'Gucci' masks because they love the designs. Will buy again."

Buy It! Dxlover Disposable Kids Face Masks, 50 Pack, $7.04–$16.69;

Taimu Disposable Kids Masks for Children

50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable

These colorful kids masks have over 7,400 five-star ratings from parents, teachers, and even school bus drivers. The 50 pack comes with five colors, black, blue, pink, green, and yellow for $15, and you can also snag a pack of 100 for $25 (which is a steal). Customers say that they're "very breathable," and that their kids love to coordinate the face mask color with what they're wearing that day. One teacher raved: "I purchased them for students in case of emergencies. Now every student wants one! They love the colors and they fit perfectly."

Buy It! Taimu Disposable Kids Masks for Children, 50 Pack, $14.99;

Basic Resources Kids Disposable Face Masks

50Pcs Kids Face Mask Disposable

Basic Resources' kids masks has one of the highest overall ratings on Amazon at 4.7 stars. The three-ply masks come in a pack of 50 assorted prints and are recommended for children ages five to 14. Parents say they're "kindergartner approved," and that despite buying several kinds of masks, their kids reach for these every time. As an added bonus, even adults with smaller faces say the Basic Resources masks fit and feel better than "any adult mask."

"I purchased these masks for my three daughters (six, eight and 10 years old) — excellent quality/fit," one customer wrote. "I have had a hard time finding one mask that can fit all three ages. This is a winner! The girls love the designs and they are light/comfortable so my girls don't mind wearing them. I am also a big fan of disposable masks… less laundry for a mom of three is always a good thing."

Buy It! Basic Resources Kids Disposable Face Masks, 50 Pack, $31.04;

Editor's note: PEOPLE staffers have not tested these face masks personally; our selections are based primarily on shopper reviews.

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