By peoplestaff225
Updated September 19, 2008 08:00 AM

The mind of a toddler can be downright baffling. As dad to Mateo Bravery, turning 3 next month, that’s something Benjamin Bratt knows all too well! During a Thursday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 44-year-old actor spoke lovingly — and laughingly — of his son, noting "you can’t turn him off, and you can’t give him away, unfortunately!" Mateo has a host of behaviors that have Benjamin and his wife Talisa Soto scratching their heads, like his special bath time head gear. During a trip last month to Hawaii, Mateo was happy to go swimming but was afraid to stick his head under water and hold his breath; the couple purchased their son a mask and snorkel, thinking that it would "ease his discomfort," Benjamin says. It worked — almost too well!

Mateo is also "a freak" who is "obsessive" about having his clothes match, Benjamin says. "I don’t mean complimentary colors," Benjamin explains. "I mean, he’s got to have a navy blue shirt, a navy blue pair of shorts, navy blue shoes and navy blue socks. The next day it will be all red. So invariably, he ends up looking like a blueberry or a tomato."

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Mateo’s big sister Sophia Rosalinda, 5 ½, is "a bit easier" to manage, Benjamin says, "but she’s definitely got her particulars too." Sophia — who suffered a brain injury during birth— recently started kindergarten, which has left Benjamin feeling"proud and anxious." It isn’t the only milestone his little girl iscelebrating, however. On the eve of her first day of school, Sophialost her first tooth! When asked by Ellen what the tooth fairy leftbehind, Benjamin admitted that he and Talisa haven’t "gotten around tothat yet." Benjamin, perhaps feeling some heat from the audience,explained that "the school day starts really early in our house, and who canthink about tooth fairies at 6:30 in the morning?" Ellen then informedBenjamin that the tooth fairy works the night shift! "I don’t even havea kid, and I know that," she said.