Ben Stiller talks about his family life

People magazineinvited readers to ask Ben Stiller their questions. Ben and wife Christine Taylor have two children, daughter Ella, 4, (pink dress in photo) and son, Quinlin, 16 months. He himself is a celebrity baby, the son of comedians Jerry Stiller (aka George’s dad on Seinfeld) and Anne Meara.

What presents will you get your kids this season?
Some diapers for Quin- he definitely uses them and Lord knows we like it when he does. We might get a trampoline for Ella, but I’m going to cut it into 8 pieces and give one each night for Hannukah. That way she will really appreciate it when it finally works.

What was the funniest moment of your entire life?

The funniest moments I have had so far have been with my kids. Also, my wife really makes me laugh. We’ve had some pretty ridiculous moments together that we laugh about years later that I don’t think I want to read about in a magazine.

How has your life changed since having your second baby with your wife?
It’s really gone into full family gear. There is always someone to watch- especially since our son has just started walking! I can’t imagine how you do it with three, four or more kids. It seems like there is a lot more craziness all the time. Definitely less sleep!

Catch Ben is his new comedy, Night at the Museum, which also features his parents.

Have your funniest moments been with your children?

Source: People magazine, December 18, 2006 issue, Photo: Wire Image

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