Ben Affleck on his role as a father: "It changed my life"!

Ben Affleck is a changed man. In the past year Ben has married Jennifer Garner and together they welcomed a daughter, Violet, now 8 months. At the press conference for his new movie, Hollywoodland, Ben told of his love of fatherhood and spending time with his daughter. He said that he "loves being a father…it’s wonderful…it’s changed my life." Adding that "it all sounds like platitudes and clichés, and that’s because they’re the truth."

A few days ago, Jennifer left him with Violet and explained how to feed her, saying, "You take the peaches in the thing and you stir that up and you put that in with a little oatmeal and then put that in with a little bit of the crushed pears." Ben must have looked confused cause then Jennifer asked, "In all seriousness, is this too complicated?"

Story and picture thanks to PEOPLE.COM

Thanks to CBB readers Lisa, Jessica and Mary Beth.

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