Ben Stiller Looks Forward to the 'Official' Father's Day Gift

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Ben Stiller already has his eye on the prize! In a new interview for the June issue of Parents magazine, the father-of-two explains that while “sleeping late and hanging out with the family” is a perfect plan for the big day, he is also hoping to score the customary gift that will crown him an honorary member of the fatherhood club. “My kids are just getting to the tie age,” Ben laughs.

“That’s when you feel like you’ve actually become a dad — when you get that official Father’s Day tie.”

When it comes to laughter, the Stillers keep it all in the family. With Ben having passed on the funny gene to his children, he explains that he himself seems to have inherited the trait from his two comedic parents. Calling the bond that Ella Olivia, 7, and Quinlin Dempsey, 3 ½, share with their grandparents a “wonderful back-and-forth,” the proud papa says the foursome are always in a fit of giggles. Case in point? The children call their grandfather Mr. Kineeche!

“I don’t know why — they make up silly names and they stick. So when he comes over, he announces himself: ‘Mr. Kineecheee is heeeeeere!’ in some weird accent.”

Both kids can count on their dad for a quick laugh as well; The 43-year-old actor will stop at nothing to keep his brood smiling and that, he says, has little to do with his career choice. “As a parent you do anything to make your kids laugh,” he explains. “And I don’t think that has to do with being professionally funny. It’s just being a dad.”

Ella and Quinlin are Ben’s children with his wife, actress Christine Taylor.

Source: Parents; June issue

— Anya

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