Ben McKenzie on Being a Dad: 'It's Something That I've Wanted for a Really Long Time'

"I'm very happy about all of it. Poop, diapers and everything," the Gotham actor tells PEOPLE

Costars-turned-beaus Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are just days away from bringing home baby.

Despite the impending birth of their first child together, McKenzie and Baccarin were on hand to support the return of their show, Gotham, during a special viewing of the premiere on the Refinery Hotel rooftop on Monday night.

The mom-to-be, dressed in a calf-length white and black dress that showed off her baby belly, joked the “magic question” is how she’s feeling in her final stage of pregnancy.

“I’m okay, I’m feeling good,” Baccarin, 36, told PEOPLE. “I’m just at the end, where everything is incredibly uncomfortable. Getting out of bed is hard.”

Morena Baccarin pregnant Ben McKenzie

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Despite Baccarin’s discomfort, McKenzie has nothing but high praise for the expectant actress, who due March 11.

“She’s great,” he told PEOPLE. “I am so amazed that she’s got the fortitude to come out, even when she’s ready to go any minute, so it’s very exciting.”

McKenzie, 37, adds, “It feels like a little family that we’ve developed here [with Gotham] and now we’ll have an actual child.”

The actress, already mom to 2-year-old son Julius, admits chasing a toddler while pregnant has made the entire experience “different” the second time around.

“It’s more relaxed, you don’t have time to sit there and obsess,” she says. “With my first one, I felt like it was like, ‘Oh, what’s happening this week?’ ‘What developmental thing?’ ‘What should I be eating?’ ”

Baccarin continues, “[Now] you’re just focusing on your toddler, getting to work and trying to make ends meet. And then it goes by.”

Her top two things she’s most looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to not being pregnant anymore,” she jokes. “And then, of course, meeting the baby. From what I remember the first time, that moment that you hold your child is such a huge mixture of relief, fear, love, overwhelming waves of emotion.”

Future big brother Julius is thrilled and can’t wait to show his younger sibling new things.

“He’s very excited,” Baccarin shares. “He talks about the little baby all the time and talks about what things he’s gonna show the baby — very interesting things, like his books and the couch and pictures.”

For first-time father McKenzie, he is excited for it all.

“It’s exciting and it’s something that I’ve wanted for a long time,” he says. “I’m very happy about all of it. Poop, diapers and everything. It’ll be fun.”

— Blake Bakkila

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