Ben Cohen and daughter Isabelle recreate famous poster

Source: Hello! Magazine, March 11th issue, pg. 52.

Rugby player Ben Cohen, 29, had his hands full when making a decision on who would help him recreate the famous L’enfant Athena poster from the 1980s. He had to decide which of his 5-month-old twin daughters — Harriette or Isabelle — to use in the photograph.

While trying to get the smiling shot, neither girl would cooperate. However, the camera finally caught the image of little Isabelle smiling up at her daddy.

To view the full image, as well as one with both twins, and to read about Ben’s views on fatherhood, continue reading.

Ben can’t believe how much he enjoys fatherhood, but admits that he wasn’t quite as ready for it as he thought.

I can’t believe how much I love fatherhood. I genuinely really enjoy it but nothing quite prepares you for it. One of the hardest things when it comes to looking after a crying baby is knowing what cry is for what, which takes time and patience. I found there wasn’t really enough support and information for new dads — particularly when it comes to having twins.

That reason is one of the reasons that led the new dad agreeing to help recreate the poster. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the A Problem Shared campaign. The campaign will focus on the role of fathers and the relationship of parents in general.

See the photo with both twins at The Daily Mail.

Source: Hello! Magazine, March 11th issue, pg. 52.

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