Ben Affleck and Violet Avert Disaster...Almost!

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ben Affleck revealed that his 3-year-old daughter Violet Anne hasn’t skipped a beat since he and wife Jennifer Garner welcomed Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 3-months. “Violet is handling it fine,” the 36-year-old actor said. “She’s pretty good.” A big perk for the new big sister, of course, is lots of one-on-one time with dad…even if mom sometimes needs convincing! “I’m always trying to tell my wife, ‘Look, it’s under control. I don’t know what gives you the impression that I’m not up to this task,'” Ben joked.

On one recent outing, Ben and Violet enjoyed lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Noting that “Three-years-old is kind of the age where you knock things over just for the fun of it,” Ben recalled that — much to his chagrin — Violet did just that with their tray of food, including two burritos, a water and a Diet Coke. “It’s spilling down towards me, and I go ‘Oh shhhhhhh; In the middle of the curse word, I take the car and I’m turning, and then I veered around,” he said with a laugh. “And then I went ‘Sheisse.'” Unfortunately, Ben’s choice of a German curse word sounded so odd that it piqued Violet’s interest anyway!

“I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve averted disaster here. Except for the fact that the table’s destroyed. I kind of looked over at her and she goes, ‘What’s sheisse?’ ‘It’s nothing, it’s nothing.’ ‘Why did you say sheisse?’ She gets real serious with me.”

As the other patrons looked on, the situation rapidly deteriorated when Ben made his biggest mistake of all!

“I was like, ‘It’s nothing. It’s a bad word and we don’t say that.’ As soon as I said it was a bad word, I was just like…’No, you idiot!’ And so she just goes, ‘Sheisse! Sheisse! [Jumping up and down on chair] Sheissssse!’ It turned into a total nightmare for me. My daughter is swearing in German.”

Ben’s new movie State of Play is in theaters April 17th.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

— Missy

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