By peoplestaff225
Updated March 21, 2007 02:07 AM

One of the best things about getting pregnant is getting toinvest in a cute new wardrobe. Unfortunately, once you slip on your very firstpair of maternity jeans you are hit with a reality that is not so cute: thatyou will spend the next several months tugging at your pants to keep them fromrevealing “plumber’s crack.”

BELLY UPS is a quite simple and yet genius product. Designed to keep your low-rise pants up, thesmall suspenders (you hook one side to your bra and the other side to theelastic on your pants) are undetectable under clothing.

Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross, Brooke Burke, Heidi Klum,Jennie Garth, Gillian Anderson and Kristy Swanson are just a few celebrities who are fans of BELLYUPS.

BELLY UPS are made from nylon elastic and are machinewashable. Choose from Black, Nude orPink Hearts. BELLY UPS will run youabout $13 and are available on the web at