Belly Rubs Leave Heidi Klum Feeling Like a Buddha

As she settles into her fourth pregnancy — expecting a baby girl in OctoberHeidi Klum says the best part of her burgeoning belly is knowing exactly what to expect. “Certain things you get used to,” the 36-year-old supermodel mused to Us Weekly on Sunday. “You get used to all the changes of your body.”

“It’s not like I’m going, ‘Oh my God!’ I’m used to that part of it.”

The same cannot be said, apparently, for her children Leni, 5, Henry, 3 ½, and Johan, 2 ½! Heidi says that her bump is such a source of fascination for the young trio, she’s often left feeling “like a Buddha.”

“If I had a dress on, Leni would literally go all the way down under my dress to rub my tummy. And I go, ‘My underwear is showing, thank you very much!'”

Heidi went on to say that she is “not worried” about losing the weight she’s gained thus far, adding “I know my body will go back again.”

Source: Us Weekly

— Missy

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