Belly Armor's stylish tees, belly bands and blankets shield you and your baby-to-be from harmful radiation.


Whether it’s eating a healthy diet and exercising or taking prenatal vitamins, moms-to-be do everything they can to protect their growing babies.

But what about shielding them from radiation exposure while in the womb?

Belly Armor‘s new collection of blankets, tees and bands ($59 – $109) are designed to do just that.

Each product is lined with a patented RadiaShield fabric, which neutralizes 99.9 percent of the harmful electromagnetic waves emitted by your computer, cell phone, etc.

Our fave is the Belly Blanket, which comes in cotton, organic cotton and micro-fleece.

Perfect for curling up on the couch with your laptop or iPad, it’s not only great pre-baby, but you can also use it after your little bundle of joy arrives.

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