Belle Baby Carrier: It rang my bell

I recently got the chance to try out the Belle Baby Carrier ($89.95- $99.95) and loved it. It was such an easy and comfortable way to wear my baby. Click here to read Doryn’s recent review of the same carrier. When I tested the Belle, my baby was almost 8 pounds (suggested weight guidelines are 10 – 25 lbs), but we had great success with it anyway. This is the first front carrier that the baby tried and she took to it very quickly. The carrier was easy to figure out and baby Allegra loved facing inward. The Belle was sturdy and did not kill my back — a plus. I also had my hands free — another plus. It was very easy to put on, I figured out how to wear it without even looking at the instructions (and got it right). The buckles were secure and very easy to adjust.

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It worked well around the house, I was able to get so much done, while keeping my little fussy miss close and still giving my toddler lots of attention. I also tested it out during out first (and only one so far) mall trip. While I drove, I just kept it on my waist, unbuckled (and put the baby in the car seat). At the mall, Baby Allegra slept snugly while I pushed my toddler in the stroller. I didn’t test it out with nursing in public — because the baby slept the whole time. A few moms even stopped me to ask what carrier it was. I had it on for hours and did not feel any back strain!

Now that the weather is getting better in New York, I will start using the Belle for walks to the park. The organic fabric we tested was very breathable and will work nicely in the warmer weather. With Julia Roberts also being a fan, I’m happy to say that the Belle Baby Carrier is as wonderful as it sounds!

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