"We should normalize being able to put boys in bows and things that are 'girly.' What the f--- is 'girly' about a bow?" she said


Bekah Martinez is challenging societal gender norms.

On Monday, the Bachelor alum, 25, shared an adorable photo of son Franklin James, 3½ months, on Instagram, proud of the autumnal photoshoot with the infant. The baby boy sat on a chair wearing a maroon onesie, socks and a bow on his head, with tiny decorative pumpkins completing the scene around him.

"FALLing for you more each day 🥺🍂," she wrote of her son, whom she welcomed in June with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. (The pair also share daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz, 20 months.)

When some social media users questioned why Martinez dressed her child in a "girly" bow, the mom of two responded on her Instagram Story, saying everyone should "normalize" not conforming to gender-based constructs.

Bekah Martinez
Credit: Bekah Martinez/Instagram. Inset: Jerritt Clark/Getty

"Do I do things like this sometimes to rile people up? Sure, I love to see them mad. Don't get it twisted," she admitted. "But with [my] leg hair, with putting Frank in a bow, with whatever the hell else I post, I also want to challenge people's ideas of what's right or wrong, or what you should or shouldn't do."

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Bekah Martinez
Credit: Bekah Martinez/Instagram
Bekah Martinez
Credit: Bekah Martinez/Instagram

"I think in this particular instance, I think we should normalize being able to put boys in bows and things that are 'girly,' " she continued. "What the f--- is 'girly' about a bow? It's literally a piece of ribbon or fabric tied in a certain way. That's dumb. Anyway, that's all."

In text posted over her video message, Martinez wrote that she intends to continue "challenging ideas of what's wrong or right or normal or attractive or whatever."

"And I love that most people didn't say a thing about it!!!" she added. "that actually makes me way happier than hundreds of people getting upset."

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Last week, Martinez posted photos of herself with Franklin and Ruth, writing a positive message about being comfortable and confident in one's own skin, a trait she said she hopes to pass down to them.

"I hope my babies grow up to live in a world where there's nothing brave about happily existing in your body," she wrote.

Celebrating Grayston's 32nd birthday last month, Martinez posted a sweet group photo of the family of four, joking that she has "accepted that our corny-ass family will probably never get everyone smiling in a single photo."