Bekah Martinez 'Devastated' About Nanny Quitting: We'll 'Miss Her Being a Part of Our Daily Life'

Bekah Martinez says she's "really overwhelmed about having to start over in the process of finding someone to help" with her two kids

Bekah Martinez is continuing to be open about working with a nanny in her daily life, getting emotional while revealing that her current nanny has quit.

On her Instagram Story Monday, the 26-year-old Bachelor alum spoke through tears in a video, saying that she'd been crying about the news since the night before, explaining that their nanny had to quit due to "personal reasons" and "nothing to do with our relationship." She added, "I'm honestly just so devastated."

"Because I really loved her, and the kids really loved her," said Martinez, who shares daughter Ruth Ray De La Luz, 2½, and son Franklin James, who turned 1 year old last month, with boyfriend Grayston Leonard. "Ruth was asking if she was coming today last night and I just couldn't hold it together."

"I don't know. Today is a rough day. I'm really overwhelmed about having to start over in the process of finding someone to help," she added.

bekah martinez
Bekah Martinez/Instagram

In text over the video, Martinez also said she "wouldn't have expected I'd feel so emotional about this" and that they want their former nanny "to be healthy and happy and wish her nothing but the best."

"I was so nervous about bringing someone new into our family and we just adore her," the mom of two wrote. "She truly became my friend and Ruth in particular always looked forward to seeing her. I will really really miss her being a part of our daily life."

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bekah martinez
Bekah Martinez/Instagram
bekah martinez
Bekah Martinez/Instagram

Martinez revealed in March that she was in the process of hiring a part-time babysitter for her two kids, saying the decision was a "big step" for her, and one that gave her personal "anxiety" about whether she was being "a good parent." Later that month, she wrote on Instagram that she wished she made the move sooner.

"I am so grateful I finally admitted I can't do it all by myself. having scheduled time alone to get my responsibilities done while the kids are cared for has relieved so much stress and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner," she wrote at the time.

In another slide, she shared a screenshot of a text message exchange with her family's nanny, in which the childcare provider gave updates about the kids and offered to bring a craft table to put in their backyard. Martinez said, "I really love her already."

As for why she's choosing to be so open and honest about having additional childcare help? Martinez said she didn't want to hide that part of her life and give off the facade that she handles everything herself.

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"I know I am extremely privileged to be able to afford someone to come take care of the kids in our home," she acknowledged, adding, "I am just being transparent about the process and how I have help because I've noticed some IG moms keep that info ambiguous and I just don't want anyone to think I have it all together and I'm super mom without any outside help."

"But I say that without any judgement btw," she added, "I know there is a lot of criticism and pressure for moms in the public eye; I was really nervous to talk about it myself... so I get it! if someone doesnt feel comfortable sharing about their childcare situation that's totally okay too."

She told fans that whatever their childcare setup is, she hopes they feel supported in parenthood.

"Please don't think that your childcare situation has to look exactly like ours," she wrote. "Full-time daycare, part-time help from neighbors, full-time support from grandparents... it's all awesome and valid and I hope that everyone can get the support that they need, whatever that looks like!!!"

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