Beckham sons in England and David hopes one will follow in his footsteps

Victoria Beckham, took her three boys out in England this past week. Brooklyn, 7 and Romeo, 4, are apparently very excited about the World Cup, while little Cruz, 14 months, also supported his daddy by wearing a soccer outfit. This is the first photo we have seen of Cruz in awhile who now has dark curls, as opposed to his lighter short locks very early this year.

David recently said that, "My kids are just as excited as everyone about this World Cup…I haven’t had my orders from Brooklyn yet, but he always tells me to score him a goal when I go away to tournaments and he always tells me to put my shirt over my head when I score!"

"He played the other day for his school and he scored, so his three best friends all did the same with their shirts over their heads. I think he’d be quite proud if I did that, but I don’t want to get a booking!"

David also added that he would be thrilled if any of his boys followed him into a football career. He says that "nothing can take the place of playing in front of 90,000 fans because nothing can compare with that". Though one thing would; "the only thing that will take its place will be watching one of my sons playing on the big stage – only that could take its place, so my dreams can become Brooklyn’s dream, hopefully."

Source: Hello

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