Bebe Au Lait/Hooter Hiders: Cover me!

The mama of all nursing covers is Bebe au Lait, also known as Hooter Hiders. There is no difference between these brands, just a different logo. These fashionable and functional nursing covers (most retail for $35) deserve a spot in your diaper bag and make a great gift for the new mama. I love using it when people come over to visit (we haven’t gotten out of the house much yet with the new baby). Even though I am very modest, it fully covers me and I can feed Miss Allegra comfortably in front of the family and friends. Mira Sorvino was seen out last April sporting Bebe au Lait/Hooter Hiders in Mayfair.

I tested out the Chocolat ($35). It folded up compactly and it really kept me "covered". The rigid neckline also allowed me to peek in on the baby and make sure she was getting more than enough air. The sides fully covered my "generous assets". Verdict — this one’s a winner and will be going out with me in public. And at press time, I still haven’t bought any nursing shirts yet, so this product is a lifesaver for me!

Why are there two different names for the same product? Originally called Hooter Hiders, the company was started in 2004 by Claire and Ronnie Ekelund. As the company grew more and more successful, they wanted the name to reflect their wonderful product, so they chose Bebe au Lait, but customers still begged them to keep calling it Hooter Hiders. So they decided to offer the same product with two different logos, Hooter Hiders and Bebe au Lait.

This company also offers the fancy Monaco by Bebe au Lait — silk nursing covers — gorgeous, and at $42, very reasonable!! It would work for a wedding or a big event when you still want to nurse, but still want to cover up glamorously. They also have the Simple by Bebe au Lait Line — which is 100% organic nursing covers. They’re currently sold out of the organic linen nursing covers, but they will be offering organic linen and cotton nursing covers in the spring. You can also get coordinating burp cloths for $16.00 (2 come in a cute little organza bag).

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