Sponsor: Beautiful Futures – World Peace for the Holidays

Beautiful Futures celebrates its belief that ‘Everything is Possible,’ including World Peace. A cast of multi cultural animated child characters convey this belief with the precious innocence all children have. All Beautiful Futures designs are perfectly adorable and fun. However, we hear all the time that parents of children who are wearing our ‘World Peace’ tees are stopped all the time by others wanting to know where they can get one.

Celebrity parents who own World Peace and other Beautiful Futures wearables include: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Heidi Klum, Patrick Dempsey and Brooke Shields. Brooke wrote us a note thanking us for "the wonderful message we are sending out!"

This year, Beautiful Futures has created an absolutely precious ‘World Peace’ Holiday Tree Ornament. Made of mouth blown glass and hand painted on the inside, these limited edition pieces come packaged in a lovely crushed red velvet box with a pretty bow on top. It’s a stunning gift that will be a keepsake for many years. What more perfect message could go on a holiday tree?? And pair it with our World Peace tees to create a beautiful gift set.

We make our tees out of heavy weight, 100% Yummy Soft cotton. Come see our whole range of wonderful and fun ‘Everything is Possible’ wearables at www.BeautifulFutures.com. And enjoy free shipping with any purchase over $75. Order online or by phone at 212.696.8973

Special offer for Celebrity-Babies.com readers: Take 15% off your purchase by entering ‘CBB’ at checkout when you shop at Beautiful Futures. Offer good thru November 22nd.

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