Mmmmm…how happy do you think I was to get baby petit foursin the mail? You can only imagine. Cheesy baby shower favors don’t have to bethe norm. Beaucoup offerssome of the most unique and elegant party favors that I have come across.

If the baby-themed petit fours aren’t your style, Beaucoupoffers everything from personalized mint tins to custom designer cookies. But my favorites are definitely the diaperstacker sachets – they are so adorable and there are so many colors and stylesto choose from!

Beaucoup not only offers a hugeselection of favors that make it a favorite among celebrities but the websiteis also super-easy to navigate and the customer service is excellent. They evenoffer theme ideas to take the stress off of you when you have so much otherplanning to do.

While I was busy gorging on my petitfours I remembered that I actually ordered heart tins to use as place cards formy daughters baptism from Beaucoup so I can personally attest to their excellentcustomer service. I even received ahandwritten note thanking me for my order!

Prices vary according to item so checkout their website for some easy shopping. The biggest challenge you’ll have is trying to limit your order to onlya few items.

— Teba