Bawl Baby Burp Cloths: Don't Cry Over Spit Up

Bawl Baby’s funky burp clothes makes spit up look good — well, at least a little more glam. As a mom to a 2 month old, who spits up constantly, I go through so many burp cloths a day. Baby Allegra is using her older brother’s burp cloths, most of which were handed down from my friend’s kids. While they are clean, they are definitely not attractive. When guests come over, I pull out one of the two gorgeous Ultimate Burpies that Bawl Baby sent. Then I quickly hide my old dingy burp cloths from sight. Since the baby loves to eat constantly, I keep the Ultimate Burpie next to me. When my guests burp my little darling, I don’t get embarrassed by handing over a stained burp cloth.

These burp cloths make a great new baby gift. We checked out the Pitter Patter Pink ($32.95) and the Blessed Bambino ($32.95). They come packaged adorably in a clear plastic package and tied with ribbon, making for a great presentation.

The patterns/color combos were very cute. The interesting thingabout this burp cloth is that it is larger and wider than traditionalburp clothes AND it comes with pockets. There’s no Velcro, buttons orzippers. Click here to check out a closeup of how it works.


  • Oversize burp cloth
  • Two large pockets (with additional inside pockets in them to secure pacifiers)
  • Soft cotton fabric (not the typical cloth diaper/burp cloth) with beautiful fabric and plush trims

I loved that you can customize the burpies to your nursery … orhome … or stroller. Just send in the fabric and they’ll custom makeyour burpies. How cool is that? It costs $59.95 for one or $89.95 fortwo.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Christina Aguilera, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Toni Collette have all been sent Ultimate Burpies.

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