Balms from Least Likely 2 Breed

Least Likely 2 Breed has to be the Best.Name.Ever for a company. The enterprising owners (called "Mom" and "Pop") have a 7 month old baby girl and make several healing products, which each retail for $5.99 for 2 oz tins (how reasonable is that?).

I was sent samples of the Bad Ass Booty Balm, Tough Titties Nipple Balm (which I am saving for after baby girl’s birth to use while nursing) and the Mother Effer’s Va-J-J Jelly (which I am also savingbecause as of press time I am 9+ months pregnant).

The Bad Ass Booty Balm worked nicely on my son – so easy to apply (you know that some balms are so difficult to even get out of the container). And better than that, it healed my son’s rashes (he has such a sensitive tuchos) easily – it’s zinc oxide based. The size of the container made it extremely portable and it fit right into my Skip Hop Pronto’s front pocket. I also found I didn’t have to use a lot to help him feel better.

Since I am a modest person, I’m not going to talk about testing out the Mother Effer’s Va-J-J Jelly, but we all know that it comes in handy when things get, um, a little dry. After my son’s birth two years ago … things were not back to normal for me for over 11 months. Anything that helped me feel better was appreciated! Don’t use it with a condom though (since it’s oil based).

You can get the above three products all together in their "Bundle of Joy". The retail price is $17.99 and the 3 balms come packaged in a size 2, chlorine free diaper (that is usable for your bundle of joy!).

Their newest product is the Rhoid Rage Balm ($5.99) – which will definitely come in handy during pregnancy and after giving birth. You can get it packaged with a push present – such a cute (and practical and amusing) idea. According to the site, the "Roid Rage Limited Edition Push Present ($39.95 with free shipping) – is a lovely commemorative hemorrhoid ointment packaged in an art deco style tin featuring Swarovski crystals encased in a black velvet box. Totally luxe, absolutely practical and laugh your swollen-ass off funny. Inside card reads "because you pushed it real good." How awesome is that?

I can’t wait to see what this company comes up with next!

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