5 Back to School Shopping Tips from GILT

Gilt Direct of Kids Melissa Keswin shares her five tips on back to school shopping.

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Bye bye, summer — hello, school!

The long days of catching fireflies are quickly dwindling and the count down to the new school year is officially on.

But we know it’s not exactly easy balancing the excitement of back-to-school season with all the stress that comes along with starting the year off right.

That’s why we’ve asked GILT Director of Kids, Melissa Keswin, to share her top tips and tricks for earning an A+ in preparing the family for the first day.

Check them out below!

Gilt Back to School

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1. Be savvy and start shopping — now!

BTS shopping starts in the summer, so finding those transitional, non-seasonal pieces is key. My favorites are Superga sneakers, K-Way jackets, and Herschel backpacks.

Melissa’s pick: K-Way’s Printed Jacket ($27)

Gilt Back to School

Courtesy Gilt

2. Be ready for lunchtime.

Take inventory of what you have from the year before and what you really need new. Lunch containers need replacing almost every year in my experience, and my favorites include eco-friendly brands like Goodbyn and LunchBots. And Fluf makes some fun canvas lunch bags, too!

Melissa’s pick: LunchBots Due Lunch Container ($15)

Gilt Back to School

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3. Stock up on super cute staples they’ll love.

For girls, dresses are easy go-tos (Jacadi, Elephantito, and Joah Love) and pair up with everything from cool sneakers to charming flats. And for boys, you can never have enough tees and jeans. They’ll love the fun graphics from Rowdy Sprouts and comfy denim from Joe’s Jeans.

Melissa’s pick: Jacadi Blue Striped Dress ($149)

Gilt Back to School

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4. Room refresh! Start the new school year off with a new sleep space.

Create a room they’ll love retreating to — and doing their homework in! — with whimsical decals from Wallcandy, bright bedding from Catimini, and organizational bins from 3 Sprouts.

Melissa’s pick: 3 Sprouts Storage Caddy ($22)

Gilt Back to School

Courtesy Gilt

5. Get their creativity going now.

Get them excited about school again with fun at-home activities. I love Little Pim Language Lesson sets for teaching them something new and Xonex art supplies for daily drawing and creating. I have a 5-year-old, so I know it’s not easy, but finding fun twists will help peak their interest.

Melissa’s pick: Xonex Junior Gallery Art Set ($32)


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