The Coolest Back-to-School Must-Haves for Kids of All Ages

Check out these awesome new classroom essentials

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Customizable Lunch Box

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Kids can choose their box and from 60+ faux-leather patches (like spaceships and unicorns) to decorate it with.

Buy it! be.Box, $35 and up;

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Earth-Friendly Straws

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These silicone straws are slightly shorter with a wider opening than the adult-size version—and they glow in the dark!

Buy it! GIR Kids Straws, $10;

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Collapsible Food Storage

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This tight-lidded silicone container keeps meals from gettingsmashedinabackpack and snaps flat when empty.

Buy it! Stojo 36 oz. Bowl, $20;

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Foldable Backpack

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The durable bag holds tons of cargo— and when empty, can pack down into its own pocket.

Buy it! Stowaway Packable Pack, $40;

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Book Bag for Blockheads

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Lego lovers will be smitten with this pack modeled on the classic block.

Buy it! Brick Backpack, $50;

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Tie-Dye Locker Mirror

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Stash extra supplies (beauty or school!) in the roomy bottompocket.

Buy it! Rainbow Organizer, $15;

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Statement-Making Stickies

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Every desk needs a dodecahedron (that's
12 sides) made with 300 pretty pastel adhesive notes.

Buy it! Poppin Memo Ball, $19; at Staples stores

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Double Duty Notebook

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The cover's built-in calculator is solar powered!

Buy it! Pen + Gear Calculator Journal, $9;

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Artist-Designed Notebook

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Homework may not be fun, but jotting down notes in a stylish journal can be.

Buy it! Pattern Notebook, $9; _1028_NA_Category_BMM&g_adid=462894821982&g_keyword=+society6 +notebooks&g_acctid=392-893-6962&g_adgroupid=75125463006&g_keywordid=kwd-461199821034&g_adtype=search&g_campaignid=1951472527&gclid=Cj0KCQjwu7OIBhCsARIsALxCUaMR6d-ypSmh84qes1EvuUnggfB5bXWV8IlDjpp26-coJmy_goCm7j8aAmTrEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds" title="" context="body"]

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Poppy Desktop Accessory

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Retro round keys meet modern technology in this wireless keyboard and mouse set, compatible with iOS and Android.

Buy it! K68 Keyboard and Mouse, $37;

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Pens with Personality

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These staples send a message before they even hit the page.

Buy it! Message Pens, $3;

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Personalized Labels

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Customize these microwave-, dishwasher- and laundry-safe stickers with your child's name and likeness.

Buy it! Little Me 114-piece Set, $39;

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Cute Carryall

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This 16.5-in. style with ample pockets is the perfect size for all your kids' stuff.

Buy it! Cat & Jack Crayon Print Backpack, $20;

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Bright Meal Bag

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With an insulated lining to keep foods cool or hot, this confetti-studded tote will be the star of the cafeteria.

Buy it! Let's Do Lunch Bag, $28;

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Mixed Print Fabric Masks

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In many areas face coverings will still be needed, so make them a fashion statement.

Buy it! Kids Accordian Masks, $15 for 3;

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After-Dark Satchel

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The fabric is reflective and, when pressed, the diamond patch activates a steady or blinking light for safe travels.

Buy it! Day/Night Youth Backpack, $75;

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Activity Tracker

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The pint-size version of this waterproof accessory is loaded with games and challenges. Plus the battery lasts eight days on a single charge.

Buy it! Fitbit Ace 3, $80;

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Bento-Style Box

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This Japanese-inspired design keeps each item neatly in its place.

Buy it! Kids Brights Lunch Box, $25;

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Roaring Sanitizer Case

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This clip-on carrier, which fits with any PocketBac sanitizer ($8 for 5 refills), lets out a dino-worthy sound when you press the button.

Buy it! Triceratops PocketBac Holder,$11;

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Rainbow Thermos

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Its insulated stainless steel body keeps beverages or soup warm, and the plastic lid becomes a cup.

Buy it! Thermal Mug and Cup, $28;

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A Pencil Case with Bite

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Zip it! This mouthy carrier has grommets to easily clip into a three-ring binder.

Buy it! Monster Pencil Case, $5;

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Reusable Sandwich Bags

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Eliminate single-use plastic from the afternoon lineup with these machine washable and dishwasher-safe zipper bags.

Buy it! Large Snack Bag, $13 for 2;

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Adjustable Mask Lanyard

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Keep your kid's mask from hitting the ground with a colorful friendship bracelet-inspired neck strap.

Buy it! Face Mask Lanyard, $7;

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Water Bottle ID Bands

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Originally designed for baby bottles, these stretchy labels work great for big kids' sippers.

Buy it! Orbit Labels 2.0, $10 for 2;

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Inclusive Colored Pencils

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A range of 24 shades to draw friends from all over.

Buy it! Colors of the World Colored Pencils, $6;

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Water Bottle Sling

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Kids won't lose their H2O bottles thanks to this handy sling, which can go cross-body.

Buy it! Nylon Water Bottle Spring, $35;

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Mix & Match Bento Boxes

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Miniware's GrowBento container fits up to four removable silicone pods that can contain hot or cold lunches.

Buy it! Miniware GrowBento Sets, from $38;

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Disposable Face Masks

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Meant to be tossed after a few uses, Profound's unisex masks have gentle metal nose clips and adjustable ear loops, making them one-size-fits-all.

Buy it! Profound Face Masks, $16 for 12;

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State Kids Backpack

back to school 2021

Some of the bag brand's gear — like this camo backpack — is almost entirely made of recycled materials.

Buy it! State Kane Kids Backpack, $95;

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Trapper Keeper

back to school 2021

It's baaack! The '90s fave hardly looks different and holds folders and paper with its three-ring binder feature.

Buy it! Trapper Keeper Binder, $9.97;

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