May 21, 2016 11:00 AM

Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is in the home stretch of her pregnancy with her first child with fiancé Kevin Manno, and she’s feeling the baby’s urgency.

“I’m 32 weeks, so I have less than eight weeks left,” she told PEOPLE Friday at Step Up’s 2016 Inspiration Awards in Beverly Hills, California. “I would love to tell you, ‘I’m good, this pregnancy is wonderful.’ I am so grateful to be pregnant. But I am just in so much pain all the time!”

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“I’m on modified bed rest because I have contractions all day,” she continued. “They’re Braxton Hicks [contractions], but they’re constant, like every two minutes. It’s a thing called uterine irritability. Basically, I have a very pissed off uterus, is essentially what that means.”

Fedotowsky, 31, decked out head-to-toe in Charming Charlie (a sponsor of the event), is hoping that all the discomfort she’s enduring will have a payoff in the delivery room.

“All day I’ll just have contractions,” she said. “They’re not painful but they’re uncomfortable. But I hear that if you have those, it prepares your body for labor. So I’m hoping this baby just kind of flies out. You know what I mean? Just slips out!”

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The couple are keeping their daughter’s name under wraps:

“This is the thing,” Fedotowsky explained. “We would tell people, ‘Oh, we’re deciding between this name and that name.’ And then they’d be like, ‘Ohhh.’ So even if they didn’t say anything negative, it’s almost by them liking one name over the other, they are being negative to the other [name]. It was messing with my head too much. So we were like, let’s keep it a secret. But I’m excited to share the name. We have not even told our parents!”

As for pregnancy cravings, there are no dill pickles for this mama-to-be.

Sometimes I crave basil pesto,” she said. “Sometimes I crave lattes. I’m obsessed with anything ice cream related. Salt & Straw … I live there! It’s so, so good. Then I’ve been obsessed with pumpkin raviolis. Nothing weird, just very specific things that I eat all day every day.”

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Meanwhile, Fedotowsky says she’s looking forward to watching friend JoJo Fletcher find love on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, which premieres on ABC on Monday. The Bachelor Nation alum shared some words of advice with Fletcher: “She needs to watch out for the Hot Guy Syndrome, which is zeroing in on the hottest guy the very first night, wanting to make out with him all the time and just forgetting about the rest of the guys.”

Does she think her words of wisdom worked? “I’ve been texting with her a little bit. You know, she seems like a girl in love. I will say that. I think she probably met somebody. I try to read between the lines.”

— Danielle Garlock

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