"As a parent, you talk about poop more than you ever could have imagined," the reality star tells PEOPLE

By Aili Nahas
April 28, 2017 12:00 PM


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When you’re a new mom, things can get messy — and no one knows that better than Ali Fedotowsky-Manno.

The reality star, who headlined The Bachelorette‘s sixth season in 2010, opens up to PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s issue about life with her husband Kevin Manno and their 9-month-old daughter Molly Sullivan.

“My worst moments are forgetting diapers,” she admits. “I’ll leave the house and I’ll realize: ‘Oh my gosh, she has poop in her diaper and I forgot a diaper,’ and then I just go and I buy some.”

“I’m so lucky that I have Kevin!” she adds. “Because he picks up the slack wherever I’ve sort of dropped it.”

Jana Cruder

Their biggest — and most entertaining — parenting mishap so far?

“She was in the tub, and she was crying and screaming and we didn’t know why,” recalls Fedotowksy-Manno, 32. “And then all of a sudden she pooped in the tub!”

“So we got her out of the tub and wiped her off and [drained] the bathwater,” she continues. “Then we put her back in the tub and she pooped again, right away. We get her out of the tub, I put her on me and she poops all over me — like, the poop just wouldn’t stop coming!”

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But luckily, the two were able to see the humor in the situation.

“That was probably the funniest moment being a parent for me and Kevin,” she says. “You think we’d be panicking, but we were crying of laughter because our daughter was just like, covered in poop — it just wouldn’t stop coming.”

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And these days, there reality star and her hubby Manno, a 33-year-old TV and radio host, are no longer strangers to diaper duty.

“As a parent, you talk about poop more than you ever could have imagined,” says Fedotowsky-Manno. “Kevin and I weirdly talked about poop a lot before we had Molly, but now it’s a whole other level. It’s very strange!”