When it comes to diaper bags for my twins, I’m quite particular. What will I do with the second sippy cup if the bag only has one insulated pocket? And a particular bag may be big enough for one child, but it definitely won’t hold twice the gear I need. Finally, there’s the dilemma of when mom and dad separate during an outing, each taking a child but only one getting the supplies. Yes, it has happened to me, and yes it nearly ended in disaster.

Enter the Babymel X2 Diaper Bag ($98). It is literally two diaper bags fused together into one, so you can start off as a family and then separate as needed.


When it’s time for the bag to come apart, with two quick snaps, you have two bags. Each bag has its own long strap (one can be hidden when the bag is united), changing pad, insulated bottle pocket and various other pockets to stow toys, diapers, wipes and snacks. Both bags also come with stroller straps, which makes it easy to go from stroller to shoulder. I particularly love the gender-neutral colors and modern, utilitarian design that appeals to everyone — including dads. Plus it isn’t bulky, awkward or overly big so it’s easy to tote around town.

And although I think the Babymel X2’s best feature is its ability to divide and conquer, as one bag it’s also wonderful for keeping stuff separated and organized. So it’s a winner either way.

— Sarah S.