2007 Holiday Project Auction: BabyLegs, Woobee, and BellySock gift baskets


BabyLegs stylish leg and arm warmers are hip, thoughtful and functional! With BabyLegs, diaper changing and potty training are a breeze, and soft knees are protected while crawling. They are the perfect extra layer for warmth and make a fun fashion statement at any age.

This fall, BabyLegs introduced their full color organic line, which you can check out at www.babylegs.net. Their collections vary from Classic to Funky to Retro, with designs for every occasion BabyLegs are for everyday. BabyLegs are also great to have on hand for chilly airplane rides, messy diaper days and in unpredictable weather. From ballet to soccer fields to diaper bags BabyLegs are a hit for both boys and girls.

BabyLegs hit the runway in New York this fall and won Best New Brand for design excellence from Earnshaw’s Magazine.

The PERFECT Gifts: BellySock, BabyLegs, and Woobee Kids! There are two baskets up for grabs.


The Gender Neutral Basket, a $162 value, includes – Gray nursing BellySock, black maternity BellySock (size M’s) $58, Ranch bib and a tangerine/red bib from Woobee $40, red/white striped BabyLEgs, cow BabyLegs, Butterscotch Plaid organic & pebble organic, giraffe $64.


The Boy Basket, a $192 value, includes – Gray nursing BellySock, black maternity BellySock (size M’s) $58, Urban plush sky Woobee blanket $70, jolly jack, bones, stone organic, mini pools organic, blue polka dot BabyLegs $64.

Click here to bid on these and other great packages we are auctioning, benefiting the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI).

This year’s project, A Month of Auctions, benefits the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI) atthe Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, run by worldrenowned breastfeeding advocate and pediatrician Dr. Jack Newman. Theprimary function of the NBCI is to assist breastfeeding mothers andtheir babies with breastfeeding challenges. It also provides clinicaltraining for pediatric residents, medical students, nurses, andcandidates for those who intend to become International Board CertifiedLactation Consultants. As the NBCI no longer receives funding from theCanadian government, it is in danger of closing, having already reducedits hours. Even though the center is in Canada, their work and websiteis an amazing resource to all nursing mothers and those who wish tohelp them.

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