BabyGanics: A healthy approach for a healthy home

UPDATE: When I originally aired the below review I promised to come back and update you about the BabyGanics Tub & Tile Cleaner and the Floor Cleaner Concentrate since I loved the All-Purpose Household cleaner and the Glass & Surface cleaner as much as I did. Over the past few months I have had the chance to use them both thoroughly and have to report back that I do love them just as much as the first two products (though I remain loyal to the All-Purpose Household cleaner which continues to make my counter tops sparkle).

Of the two, I have to say that I use the floor cleaner more often since it is unscented which I prefer. The lavender smell of the tub & tile cleaner is just a little too much for me (you can buy it unscented as well if you prefer it and I will definitely be doing that when I’m done with this bottle). However, I think it’s worth mentioning what an amazing job it does on my tiles and bathtub which are white. It even cleans my grout (I let it soak for about ten minutes before scrubbing at it). I am used to cleaning my tiles with vinegar and baking soda and really having to soak-scrub-repeat so this is a huge plus.

All in all I give BabyGanics products the big thumbs up, both because of how good they work and also because of how affordable they are. Read the rest of my review below and scroll down to the bottom for a discount code!

Originally posted on October 22, 2007:

When my daughter was born I got all panicky about cleaning products and have literally been scrubbing everything from my kitchen floors to my bathtub with vinegar and a little bit of lemon ever since. So when I was asked by BabyGanics, a new line of all-natural, organic household cleaners to test out some of their products, I quickly accepted.

But before I continue with my review, I feel like I need to give you a little background. You see, aside from my good looks, the one thing I inherited from my mother is a neurosis for cleaning. I like to keep a spotless home and fewthings can make me feel as good as a recently vacuumed living room or ajust-washed pile of dishes. I’m not saying it’s normal (and believe me, it’s taken me a long time to accept it), but to me being asked to review earth-friendly cleaning products is just as good as being asked to review several pairs of high-end shoes. So, dear readers, please understand that when I say that I loved these products, I am not using the word lightly.

I tested out both the All-Purpose Household cleaner (unscented) and the Glass & Surface cleaner (all-natural lavender). I quickly ripped into the All-Purpose Household cleaner and used it in the one place I thought it could really show its true strength: the bathroom. I figured if it got my tiles clean it would be worth using in the kitchen after a nice night of cooking. The All-Purpose cleaner passed the test and, because it’s non-toxic, I had zero issues putting my daughter in the tub later that night.

At first I was really bummed that the Glass and Surface cleaner was sent in the lavender scent. I’m really not a scents person and I thought I’d find it overwhelming. I actually didn’t even use it for a long time (though I continued to use the All-Purpose cleaner practically everyday). Then last week I had an accident with a potato (don’t ask) and had to use something to quickly clean my countertop. Because I wasn’t done cooking I had to use something non-toxic so that I could continue prepping on that same surface. I quickly grabbed the Glass and Surface cleaner and was incredibly happy with the results. First of all, I had NO clue that my countertop could sparkle — I could practically see my reflection in it. Totally bizarre. Second, the lavender didn’t overwhelm at all — in fact, I didn’t even really notice it so if you are one of those people that really likes the scented cleaning products, this might be a negative for you.

Anyway, I am totally giving these two products the thumbs up and am really looking forward to testing out the Tub & Tile Cleaner and the Floor Cleaner Concentrate. I will post an update when I do.

BabyGanics can be purchased at nation-wide retailers including Babies R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, Target, buybuyBaby and others. BabyGanics is also available online at,, and more! Check out the where to buy page to find a retailer near you.

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Click on the extended post to find out why you should consider making the switch to all-natural household cleaners.

Not sure why you should consider making the switch to all-natural household cleaners? Read an excerpt from the BabyGanics press release below:

Did you know that many name brand household cleaners contain Petrochemicals? Petrochemicals are chemical products made from raw materials of petroleum origin. Petrochemicals are found in Insect Repellents, Insecticides and Fertilizers just to name a few. Surprising isn’t it? Experts say the average household contains anywhere from 3-25 gallons of toxic materials, most of which can be found in cleaning products.

Points to consider:

  • There are more than 3 million poisonings every year. Household cleaners are the number one cause of poisoning in children.
  • An EPA survey concluded that indoor air was 2 to 5 times (and in some cases up to 70 times!) more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Another EPA study stated that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer in children and adults than outdoor air.
  • We spend 90% of our time indoor, and 65% of our time at home. Moms, infants and the elderly spend 90% of their time in the home.
  • The average home today contains 62 toxic chemicals – more than a chemistry lab at the turn of the century.
  • Less than 2% of synthetic chemicals have been tested for toxicity, mutagenic, carcinogenic, or birth defects.
  • There has been a call from the U.S./Canadian Commission to ban bleach in North America. Bleach is being linked to the rising rates of breast cancer in women, reproductive problems in men and learning and behavioral problems in children.
  • Cancer is the number ONE cause of death for children.
  • Since 1980, asthma has increased by 600%. The Canadian Lung Association and the Asthma Society of Canada identify common household cleaners.

For more information, check out

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