BabyBlooms: A welcome-baby bouquet with a twist

When I first opened the Babyblooms box in the mail I thought“What weird packaging for flowers…” and then, upon further inspection, I thought,“Why are they sending me fake flowers…” and then, after investigating a littlemore closely I thought “Oh my god, how incredibly brilliant!!!” Because the Babyblooms bouquet didn’tcontain flowers at all — not real ones and not fake ones — instead, the “flowers”I was looking at were actually onesies and pants and socks and itty, bitty,newborn hats!

Sized at 0-4 months, the Babyblooms bouquets are aperfect gift for a new mom. Think aboutit, when baby is first born and still swimming in his clothes, mom can have thebouquet on display while receiving her guests. Soon thereafter she’ll get bored of her centerpiece and wah-lah – a wardrobeis born!

All Babyblooms clothing is 100% pure cotton and machinewashable. The bouquets come in small and large sizes and you can buy them inpink, blue or neutral colors.

BabyBlooms have been gifted to Keri Russell, NaomiWatts, Bridget Moynahan and Isla Fisher.

The U.K.-based company ships internationally. Check out the selection at

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