BabyLegs: the cutest way to cover baby legs and arms

When I first heard about BabyLegs when I was pregnant, to be honest, Ithought it sounded like something someone who couldn’t let go of the80’s would subject their kid to. However, after Anya was born, Irealized what a cool product this is!

Unlessher pants are too long, Anya’s legs usually have a gap between the hemof her pants and the top of her sock AND when I wear her in a sling,her pants ride up. BabyLegs worn under pants cover that bit of skinwithout the fun of having to wrestle tights on and off. Also, whenwe’re home, we have Anya in a onesie most of the time but sometimesit’s a little too cool for just a onesie… voila BabyLegs. It alsomakes diaper changes less chilly when you have to depants the littleone. Plus they are ultra cute! It kind of makes you want to find anexcuse to use them.

They recently introduced the Comfort Cuff, which is stretchier and narrower (2 cm instead of 3 cm). They are perfect for chubby legs. (Anya’s were too fat for their regular BabyLegs.) Now that she is crawling, they provide a little knee protection. They are also just super cute and a way to accessorize outfits!

New for fall are two gift sets (Jack and Jill) and these patterns: Banana Blue, Clay, Compote, Dark Rye, Flagger, Hard Hat, and Spice.

Celebrity mom Tia Carrere‘s daughter Bianca wore her BabyLegs on her arms when she appeared on Oprah last April. (I’ve been wearing Anya’s on my arms too.)

Pictured: Dark Rye BabyLegs ($12)

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